The Dirty 1/2 Dozen: 6 Ways for Escape Room owners to improve their profits and boost their business!

Greetings all!  I'm back from my rather long writing hiatus but rest assured that I have still been solving puzzles, cracking codes and escaping whenever possible. As an enthusiast and having paid to play dozens of escape rooms, I have found a few common threads of success among the better of the rooms that I... Continue Reading →

Taming the Beast

The Beast Escape Room - Glen Carbon, IL Tucked away in the quiet little burg of Glen Carbon (across the creek from St. Louis, MO, for those of you unfamiliar) is a beast of an escape room. Aptly named...based purely on the challenge level. Granted there were only two of us (our original plans had... Continue Reading →

No Way Out

Location:  No Way Out Escape Room Adventures - Midtown St. Louis Room:  Sorry Charlie We actually convinced my very reluctant 15 year old daughter to join us on this room.  She had never wanted to join us prior, but bribery won the day (we promised her ice cream and a solemn vow that we would... Continue Reading →

And so it begins…

Back in the fall, I was tired of watching my son have his face buried in either his phone or his tablet. I have a stressful job, and I need some sort of mental distraction after a long week. I usually fall asleep during movies.  And snore.   My apologies to anyone who has ever sat... Continue Reading →

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