No Way Out

Location:  No Way Out Escape Room Adventures – Midtown St. Louis

Room:  Sorry Charlie

We actually convinced my very reluctant 15 year old daughter to join us on this room.  She had never wanted to join us prior, but bribery won the day (we promised her ice cream and a solemn vow that we would never ask her to go along with us again if she didn’t enjoy it).

Our game host was Devin, and he was excellent.  He was fun, friendly, called us by name and made a point to make my daughter laugh.

We had the whole room to ourselves, which was surprising on a Saturday night.

The building is an old bar, and they wove the location neatly into the storyline.

The room is the whole upper level of the building, so if anyone (like myself) doesn’t like small rooms, this is the perfect room to try.

We all really enjoyed this room.  The atmosphere was cool, the puzzles challenging but the real show stealer was my son.  Somehow, some way, he figured out a puzzle that allowed us to jump way ahead in the game.  Which was good as we may have not been able to successfully complete the room had he not done this.

And this is where Devin truly shined.  He seemed genuinely excited as he came upstairs to congratulate us on our escape.  He gave my son a No Way Out t-shirt for his accomplishment (which he proudly wears!) and we left not only satisfied with the escape room but feeling like we were appreciated as customers.

Devin told us of their expansion plans, and we will definitely be back when they get it open.

Fun – 10 locks

Environment – 9 locks

Staff – 10 locks (but I would give bonus points for our host)

Challenge – 9 locks Escape




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